2009 – A year well written!

Dear Monthlies

The end of another year, and after attending eight writing workshops, one that has been incredibly productive for the Monthly writing groups. This year we have truly written awry, thanks as always to Anne’s inspired  and inspiring workshops.  We have reached the sky, felt the wind, swam towards meaning,  climbed way out of comfort zones, listened to the earth as she breathed, let thunder roll into our writing, burned away the dross and finally found ourselves in the Valley of Joyous Expression.

It’s been a great year for many of the monthlies – what with books being accepted by publishers, art exhibitions, second books being launched – the monthlies are hot!  (And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the Karin Andersen’s news about Afrika Burn for a sizzling end to the  exciting news for the year! Make sure you watch the video too – especially  1 minute 22 seconds in!)

Portfolio Day was brimful of  writers showing what they had done during 2009, but Anne still managed to get us writing for the blog – Shadorma after Shadorma, followed by yet more Shadormas!  They are such fun to write. I tried to find out more about them, but very little is known, and so I think we’ll just go with the Monthly interpretation of this poetry form:  poems redolent with sleeping shadows!

It’s been my privilege to edit such talented writers – thank you for making my task so easy! May I end  this with a gift of words to the wonderful women who make up Anne Schuster’s Monthly Writing Groups?


Shadormas for the Monthlies


O Shadorma

Are you but

a sleeping shadow-

poem of dreams


Your name gives me the freedom

to think of you so.


The Monthlies

She who writes

swings on threads of words.

Eyes open

she mind-dreams,

falls aslant into stories

and writes her way out.

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Reverie - Simeon Solomon (British, 1840-1905)

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Night and Sleep: Evelyn Pickering De Morgan 1850 - 1919

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Maire Fisher

Joy returns,

floats me into blue.

Higher than

clearest light,

higher than the clouds, I am

gossamer threaded.

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Exciting offerings from the monthlies

Don’t forget to have a look at the end of this month’s blog where Trisha Lord, Linda Price and Cathy Stagg all have very inspiring and useful workshops and courses for the monthlies to look at.

Linda is offering a course called the Practice Diaries, Cathy invites you to join OPEN BOOK writing workshops and Trish will let you know all about TIME TO THINK



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Linda Price’s Practice Diaries

The Practice Diaries

‘Write    Reflect    Renew’

The Practice Diaries is an interactive process whereby people who are professionally involved in the development of others, reflect on their own practice and how it is developing. It is a one-on-one or a facilitated group collaboration. Reflective writing and personal narratives are used to make sense of life and work trajectories and to strengthen skills, knowledge and direction.

The process has relevance for individual practitioners, or teams that work together, to deepen their purpose, knowledge base and collective identity. It also creates a structured group process for independent practitioners who work in similar fields.

Journal writing, as an aid to professional development, prioritises learning and deepens processes of reflection and understanding.

Read more here—->Practice diaries

Practice diaries  copy

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Cathy Stagg’s OPEN BOOK writing workshop

OPEN BOOK writing workshop

The Open Book writing workshops are a fun way to meet other people who love words, and to uncover your creativity.

Join Cathy Stagg at Oracle Art Mart, shop 11, Aurora Shopping Centre, corner of Burton and Aurora Streets, Durbanville, at 9.30 for 10am on Saturday November 14 . Bring a notebook, a selection of pens and a pencil with you.
The cost is R100. A portion of the proceeds will go towards art materials and art classes for Durbanville children whose school cannot provide extra mural activities.

Open Book writing workshops will be held on the second Saturday of the month and each session will cover a different topic.

For more information, call Cathy at 083 267 1017.

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Trisha Lord’s ‘Time to Think’ courses

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment®

What is a Thinking Environment?

A Thinking Environment is the set of conditions under which people can think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace. After many years of research and observation Nancy Kline, the founder of the Thinking Environment methodology, together with her associates, recognised that people generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in 10 specific ways. These 10 behaviours have become known as the 10 Ten Components of a Thinking Environment .
Each of the components is valuable individually, but it is the system of all Ten
Components working simultaneously that gives this process its transformative impact.

Why does a Thinking Environment matter?

The quality of every single thing human beings do depends on the quality of the
thinking they do first. So, if you are interested in generating the best decisions to lead to the best action, you have to know how to generate the best thinking. The Thinking Environment is a process that does just that. This is why we believe that creating a Thinking Environment is the first act of leadership. Every subsequent act gains quality from there.

How to develop Thinking Environment expertise click here to learn more
—-> Time to think

Time to think1 copy


Time to think2 copy

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Sheri Johnson

It is Time

avoiding the truth?
there it is again
jangled up inside

more dilly dallying?
diminishing of spirit?
to fly let go of all

short distance away
that inner knowing
clouds disperse

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