Di Oliver

A poem in couplets

a bolt from the blue
a childhood feeling at first

I dip myself into experience
and, yes, there is a response

it could be an unstoppable tide
remember how it makes one feel

places I don’t want to go to
will they reveal hidden things?

it’s not of my own making,
will affect the safeness of my space

the reservations I feel
are questions wanting answers

think harder and deeper
let go to discover

Di Oliver


Entangling wind has my
dark, wild hair in a tight knot.
it’s a wild, bad hair day,
we’re off to a rocky start.
funny how the plans go
by the wayside on days like this,
buffeting the fynbos
and yet, the Cape’s late summer wind
clears the air and spreads seeds;
breathless experiences flow
the sky glows, the heat hangs
the spirit-filled world all around