Clare Gibbon

Remembering Fatehpur Sikri

Hectic with desire,
I scream out in the silence.
‘Am I dead or what?’
Skulking in the corners of life,
hectic with desire
I need you to say ‘I am’.
Then I can say ‘me too’.
Hectic with desire,
I hear a sound like ice breaking.
Skulking in corners,
I want you:
And flags flying in fragrant air;
the shimmer and glide of rainbows;
the flash of silk veils floating;
the swings and the saris;
the tapestries and tiles
breaking into mosaics,
bringing me to you.
Hectic with desire,
I hear the ice breaking.
Screaming in the silence,
I am

(100 words)

Clare Gibbon


Is a burial a grounding?
Smell the worms,the beetles and the compost.
Is it about warmth
in playful, deep peace?

Smell the worms, the beetles and the compost,
remembering the ancestors
in playful, deep peace.
Finding balance, feeling secure, 

remembering the ancestors.
Flying away,
finding balance, feeling secure,
beneath the wide plains,  

flying away.
Is it about warmth
beneath the wide plains?
Is a burial a grounding?