Charlene Yared-West

I never knew I loved you this much …

I never knew I loved crystals so much
until I saw the light catch deep within them
far into the recesses of their infinite formations
and sunsets with you…
sitting side by side, holding hands, licking softserve
watching the sun sink its head below the horizon,
which reminds me of dad
who will die one day leaving everything behind
I never knew I loved him so much
He always said: you’ll only know how much when you have your own children…
and now, I do. Deep within my womb, it’s you.
Warm, soft and totally dependent on me.
I can’t see my life without you
I never knew I loved you this much.

Charlene Yared


On the edge of my soaring spirit,
I look down to a field.

Over there, I am a mother with four sons.
Over there, I am a son to an Indian tribesman.

Over there, I am a murderer in a cold cell.
Over there, I am an old woman, crystals in my hands.

I slip down the slope towards them.
They do not speak, but their eyes are knowing.

All encircle me, I know them,
I recognise their faces.

The ground beneath us begins to swirl.
Slowly, our bodies meld

Where have they gone?
Inside you, a voice says.

I stand, arms wide open,
I hear a beautiful name,

I cannot see my face.

Charlene Yared

Inside Out

A story to disguise the truth
On the outside I love you, on the inside, I don’t
Wild imaginings of my secret heart

Looking into the distance bewildered
Far faraway at the simple vision of stars
The sound of no sound

There, the organic space where artful stumbling occurs
And landing sure-footed in just the right place
Undaunted and tenacious

The lens of your inner eye shuts out half the truth
Visual and fluid