Carol Simpson

Dragon flies dart about
Suspended by this invisible skin
Dart about in a seemingly random pattern
Above the invisible connection of molecules
Cheryl Leslie

The invisible connection of molecules

The hot sticky air
the long brown grass
the canopy of a thorn tree
the heart of the African bushveld
This ghostly countryside only reveals footprints
but above the waterpool in the distance
dragon flies dart about

Life has reached a grinding halt
The silence becomes stifling
frozen in a moment of time
There is a shift in the atmosphere
once warm and welcoming
now a strange sense of familiarity
suspended by this invisible skin

Nothing makes sense in this place
Was the unseen chaos planned?
Randomly triggered by the universe
yet so out of sync?
Is it possible to endure?
Is it worth trying to make sense of it all?
Overwhelming thoughts
dart about in a seemingly random pattern

Wonder about the mystery of life
Is there a greater force?
Is anything predestined?
or are there just grey areas,
with unknown reasons?
I have to believe
this life is a gift
somehow held together
above the invisible connection of molecules