Chantal Stewart

The accident by the lake

Please watch out for the violin. Don’t damage it. I will come along with you, but please be careful. What was I doing here? I came to the lake to play my violin. Yes, I know it’s nearly dark, but I don’t need to see. I play by touch. That is the best way to feel the music. Yes, I always come to this spot near the pier so that there aren’t too many branches in my way.

What happened today? Well, I was sitting on the pier with my feet over the side. There was a boat tied to the pier. Yes it was empty, just bobbing away there. I was thinking of a song inside my head that I’d been working on when I felt a warm nuzzle at my arm. No, I didn’t hear anything. It was a dog with an injured leg. Small brown and grey with furry hair. It was limping and it looked hungry. I was reaching for its collar when I heard the noise. I saw the collar immediately. It looked like a well kept dog, clean and neat and it had a little disc on its collar. I thought probably its name or a phone number. So as I said, I was reaching for the dog’s collar when I heard the noise. It was a loud screech then a bang and then I saw  the lorry crashing backwards through the trees over there and ending up with its back end in the lake. The motor was still running and the front was angled upwards like a hooked fish.

No I couldn’t see if there was anyone inside. I started running over to it to have a look. That’s when the fisherman appeared. No, officer, I don’t know where he came from. I was running towards the lorry and the he was next to me, also running towards it.  Yes, he said something to me, but I couldn’t hear on account of the wind and the shrieking birds and the bits of machinery breaking off the truck and falling into the water. Actually it does make quite a noise, bits of metal falling into a quiet lake. Lots of splashing, disturbs the birds and they’re thrashing through the branches and the wind is whipping away.

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