Chantal Stewart

Mrs Rochester’s Dramatic Monologue

Will you come tonight, Edward? It has been many nights since you were last here. It is darkening now. The candles need lighting, but they have taken away the matches. Mrs Poole is late with the dinner. She was late with lunch too, and she only brought some gruel and dry bread. She said she was busy preparing a room for someone. Is it for us, Edward? Have you decided to have me back? Like before. When you first came to the estate, it was bright and sunny and full of life. Remember  how you chased me through the streams and the fields and how you caught me in your arms and loved me. Mama told me to be careful. You were different. You were English. But I did not know how different till I came to your cold, grey country. It sucked the life out of me.  I felt like I was walking through swamps, dragging my body behind me. And that made me so tired that I wanted to sleep all the time. I forget things too. I forget how long I have been in this room, and not in your room. I forget how long it is since you have taken me, and I forget why. Now you come and visit me, each time only for a  few minutes and you talk about whether the bed is comfortable and if I am well. Where has my love gone? Where is my Edward and why have you deserted me? When you come tonight I will ask you if the preparations are for a  new room for us. Maybe you have been planning a surprise for me. Maybe tonight you will carry me out of this dark cold room, and I will be your girl again.



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