Trisha Lord’s ‘Time to Think’ courses

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment®

What is a Thinking Environment?

A Thinking Environment is the set of conditions under which people can think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace. After many years of research and observation Nancy Kline, the founder of the Thinking Environment methodology, together with her associates, recognised that people generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in 10 specific ways. These 10 behaviours have become known as the 10 Ten Components of a Thinking Environment .
Each of the components is valuable individually, but it is the system of all Ten
Components working simultaneously that gives this process its transformative impact.

Why does a Thinking Environment matter?

The quality of every single thing human beings do depends on the quality of the
thinking they do first. So, if you are interested in generating the best decisions to lead to the best action, you have to know how to generate the best thinking. The Thinking Environment is a process that does just that. This is why we believe that creating a Thinking Environment is the first act of leadership. Every subsequent act gains quality from there.

How to develop Thinking Environment expertise click here to learn more
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