Sheri Johnson

its daytime … midsummer in the sea … the ant is walking through the swamp … very moved …

now you might be thinking … but that’s absurd … how can an ant be walking through the swamp in the sea … you see you are assuming that this is real and i am, of course, actually dreaming and therefore anything is possible … i mean this ant is actually me … a person, struggling in a swamp and a sea of emotions … now what of the ant? … well ants have the ability to be focused and work really hard … carrying loads seemingly larger than their size  … they also seem to know where they are going most of the time … so how does an ant feel when it finds itself in a swamp in a midsummer sea just hanging out away from it all  … completely disorientated  … i mean that ant knows something is up … the question is  … how long before it decides it’s time to get the hell out of there and get some sense of direction going again … aaahhhh …  the wisdom of dreams …


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