Ruth Mattison


The cute little baby sat in his chair
and porridged his breakfast everywhere
He squished it and squashed it
till it dripped and it dropped
Then he porridged it more
and mixed it with snot
If that doesn’t sicken you
listen to this…
He took his empty breakfast dish
held it out and asked for more
then he began to porridge the floor
The cat came along to watch in disdain
but soon found herself playing this game
She porridged the mess on the floor with her paw
then the dog came along and porridged some more
Soon it was porridged everywhere
All over the baby, all over the chair
All over the cat and all over the dog
All over the floor and even the wall
You might want to ask what happened next
when Mom came in and saw the mess
She got out the broom to clean up the room
but everything slid and sloshed and
Mom found herself porridged all over too
She’d porridged herself from head to shoe
So what did they do, this porridgy bunch?
They went for a bath and stayed there for lunch!


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