Cynthia Mac Pherson

Wifing for lifing?

Wifing for lifing is her choice.  But is wifing hyping her spirit ? Wifing into the kitchen and wifing up a meal of bacon and eggs. His favourite. She’s wifing bacon and eggs that make her vomit. So she’s wifing away to the bathroom to wife in the toilet. Wifing at the party. Yea Yea Yea, Yesterday my troubles seemed so far away. She’s wifing away with the Beatles on the dark blue slate floor that she wifed into existence years of (?) ago. Years of powerful wifing. She wifes away year after year. Does he know he’s being wifed? Was being wifed? Had been wifed and will be wifed?

Windowing westward, the room reaches out to the mountain. The room windows to the northwest where the winter sun windows the craggy Muizenberg rocks like slits in a fortress. The clouds window above, sliding open and closed. The trees branches move windowing, the bananas ripen and window to the winter sun. Birds’ wings window as their beaks penetrate the tough peel that softens, allowing itself to be windowed. The banana flesh windows, flashing sweet, ripe, creamy white. The room windows and the wife windows and wifes downstairs to share the windowing bananas.

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