Twisting it into a mountain, setting it free to flow – prose and poetry from the May workshop

As always there’s fantastic news from the Monthlies for May/June – talk about a group of women who simply and unerringly go from strength to strength! So don’t forget to click on the news page above!

Right at the very bottom of this month’s blog you’ll see info about submitting to Itch Magazine … …. … do  have … a … look … at … this …!

Thanks as always to the monthlies whose words supply titles of categories and quotes for pictures. One thing I never  have to do is visit quotation sites and look for inspiration!

In case you are wondering what happened to all the group poems  you sent through – they have blended and merged with each other, offered lines where needed, scampered, strolled or walked with ponderous tread to new places in a poem of epic proportions called Bring Mountain The Monthlies Mountain  has become herself. She’s been tucked away in the archives, because the poem is so long – far too many beautiful lines to choose from! Click here to read.


PS A very beautifully South African theme for this month’s blog – the images of mountains from really do make us realise what a magnificent land we live in.


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