Ruth Mattison

Mountain Memories

I am the peak hidden in the swirling mists
I am the craggy summit on a windy day

The Traveller
I was born upon a mountain top
My feet were nimble
my heart was free
From the summit of my rocky garden
I became curious to see
the unknown places all around

I descended from my mountain world
and followed the tumbling stream
‘til it became a river
that ran through vales and plains
When I met the tumultuous ocean
my Spirit called to me
‘Sail across these mighty waves
to meet your destiny.’

I am dark caves full of old bones from bygone worlds
I am crumbling ledges beckoning desperate fingers seeking lift

The Warrior
I was born in turbulence
The time was dark and drear
Storm clouds gathered overhead
Children cried aloud in fear
My parents kept the windows closed
and played their music loudly
but all the crashing cymbals
could not drown  the weeping
Children’s cries seeped through the cracks
and pierced my ear like an arrow in my heart

As I grew up tales of derring-do
led me to believe that
I could make a difference to
all the children in the world
So I donned my magic cape
and set off to defend
those weeping ones
who had no one
to lend a helping hand.

I am mountain streams bubbling up from source
I am mountain embraced passionately by sky

The Grandmother
It was never my intention
to start a dynasty
I thought that I would travel
and be forever free.

But along the way the children came
and shaped my hips and breasts
to hold and hug and cuddle
for better and for worse

Motherhood has taken me
and made me strong and wise
Now that I’m a grandmother
nothing can disguise
the wisdom and the wrinkles
that came with babies’ cries

I still feel like a girl inside
fresh faced and full of fun
My Spirit soars and giggles
and keeps me on the run!

I am mountain timeless and full of wonder for all that I Am.


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