Janis Peart

Mountain spirit

Breathe, I want to meditate, for Stillness and a Quiet Heart.
The true self will emerge, they tell me, on the out breathe.

I breathe, but I know there are many selves I could own.
Was it my false self that said yes when my hidden self screamed no?

My Selves are as abundant as the cracks and fissures on Table Mountain.
Connected, each nook and cranny renders an aspect of the whole.

Table Mountain, an iconic symbol in the family parade, Harbinger of the Mountain Spirit,what has been endured and what has been accomplished.

Raised by forces deflected downwards before they break the surface. Generational layers formed by stresses and pressures. My surviving self.

Breathing with Mountain Spirit, I am bound by eternal images that begin and end all things. Sheer rock face repels further penetration.


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