Yvonne Romano


a ramadan moon in an indigo sky
dusk shrouds the land in tones of grey
trembling I stand near the cliff’s edge
I can’t bear to look down I must try

I fix my gaze across the blurred bay
hairy millipede feet crawl my spine
fists clenched I shuffle along the thin ledge
eyes shut knees rigid mouth dry

oh just jump over no turn back and go
irresistible magnets tug at the core
gravity pulling one way feet rooted in awe
as in the past I can’t now cross this line -.

– rung by rung we’re rock climbing again
halfway up like lot’s wife I looked back and clung
to the rough concrete blocks weeping I hung
in my bubble of terror and shame

the scorn in your eyes seared through me
your mocking laughter echoing
those jeering words of ridicule and blame
diminishing me in my pain –

I’m back in that moment my gut laced with lead
I hover in dread as my head starts to ache
in slow motion my body is tumbling free –
falling down a bottomless ravine

I torpedo and sink in an icy black lake
my mind’s crystal bright I must survive
head up I kick, staying afloat in the night
I grab and hold onto a log floating by

but my raft’s gaining speed in the fast-moving stream
we hurtle along sounds of rapids nearby
another dive into the void no oh no
I let go strike out and swim across the flow

this has to be the way to go . . .


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