Liane Greef

Maybe I have blown away

Part I

I believe maybe I
have blown away, trailing white wisps
belonging to myself
to the blue of the sky where clouds
whisper on my warm skin
and night is a memory that keeps

Wind blows and brings us heat
I warm, thinking, holding onto
him, drift off into the
wind drifting butterflies blue black
My gaze from God’s window
falls below the sky and I gaze
You can – if you’re lucky –
sleep in the warmth and the knowing.

Part II

The vervets and baboons
see Africa from the tree tops
Cicada legs humming
I,rootless and a wanderer
When my wings are folded
Walk in the blur of the background brown

Misgivings about worth
surface. But who needs perfection?
Awaken the soaring
Do mountain climbing!  Who? says the
wind. Who? I shout louder
Say, let the energy flow strong
Through the blowing trees I
swing, strong enough to find freedom


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