Karin Andersen

Come, come, watch the wind as
it walks the field stroking the grass
a song of clouds gathering
hot air breathless, waiting, only
a finger trailed across
a cheek, a dust devil dancing
a song of slow summer
a barefoot dusty song
of swimming pools and naked days.

the wind is a bugle
defeating reason it summons
us to war, to rise, to
overcome, it screams in our ears
saying arise, fight, win
calling us to action, to
movement, to march, a wind
announcing a change, a shift, a
renewal, an overthrow
an insidious wind bringing
days without light or joy.

the sun burns red, the world
holds its breath, the mist rises
from the hollows and dances
hours drag sullen feet into
the morning shoulders hunched
against grey sulking aching days
the sluggish river is oiled by cold
I am a fish floating belly up
a farewell will o’ the wisp.

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