Jean Green

Is it like a rainbow
the colour of the blowing wind?
Giving to us this world
in all of its endless beauty?

Or do we need to take
a single colour at a time
form our lives around it
until that colour makes a change
and we change colour too?

Feeling blue is easy
The colour blue speaks for itself
Yet blue is not confined
to feeling down or being depressed
it makes me feel cool too

A pale green misty wind
drifting the far fields can help me
to feel the power of
all the things that nature can do –

The misty green has fled
The wind in the desert blows red
The mirage will shimmer
and oases shine indigo

Yellow colours freedom
and ribbons round the old oak tree
Where have the soldiers gone?
To greener pastures every one

The breeze, mist, trees and all
colours combine to help me to
understand what the earth
will give and has given to me
Past, present and future
The rainbow colours of the wind


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