Followed, of course, by M – Y

Maire Fisher
A bomb cannot delay explosion finally.
Gosh! He isn’t joking?
Kilos, litres, metres of power – quiet, resting, still.
Turn up volume.
You’re zeroed.


Rosemary Barker
Alphabetical bounce comes
directly entering farcical goonshow
hallowed investment juggling kisses
lovelorn morning now opens power quietly
rising slowly to unlock vast warchests
x-rayed yearly – zapped

Trisha Lord
An Alphabetic Bat
A bat can dive everywhere, flying giddily.
He ignites joy, keeping lightly my newly opened poem.
Quickly! Rush swiftly towards up!
Veer wildly,
eXacting your zenith.

Vanessa Davidson
Abort baby concoction
Dead end fuck-up
Give hope inside jam-jar
Keep longing mother
Occlude promise
Quieten real son
Time undoes vehemence
Xray you

Yvonne Romano
A walk in the park
Another  baby carriage  dashingly  exhibited     frowning  gossipers  hurling
innuendos,  judging  ken’s  libido:  “macho  numskull,  overbearing prick . . .”
Quirky  repartee,  sarcastic  taunts   –  unassailable   veteran   womanizer
(x-rated)   yields    zilch!


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