‘Sinking into the big sky’

yyesbAccording to Natalie Goldberg, ‘Wild mind is like a big sky’ – wonderful words to describe the first of the Writing Awry workshops  which will take as their themes  the 8 trigrams, the patterns used in Chinese philosophy or divination according to the I Ching – the Book of Changes. The word I has three meanings: ease and simplicity, change and transformation, and invariability. In the trigrams, the solid line represents yang, the creative principle. The open line represents yin, the receptive principle. And so , creatively and receptively, sinking into the big sky, we write.

Don’t forget to visit our news page – as always the monthlies are writing up a storm and are engaged in other highly creative and writerly activities! For a description of the work done in the workshop, you can visit the Monthlies page – both seen as page names above.


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