Susan Ziehl

Living, dying, opposites yet united
Me, growing or dying.
Growing is what I want,
to reach the top of the vine,
climbing heavenward,
searching for the light up there
and waiting for God’s blessing.

Moving upwards and outwards.
Moving forward,
expanding my horizons,
incorporating the universe,
myself as centre of gravity
around which all else revolves
and evolves like me.

Going ahead, moving forward,
like a truck storming
through the forest,
not caring what gets knocked down.

Moving ahead,
forward and into the open,
Discovering the world anew,
like a baby feeling its way through the world,

like innocence,
like a book with empty pages
waiting to be scribbled on.

Waiting to be de-flowered.
Marks made in black ink.

The start of a life lived.

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