Writing Awry – The Monthlies 2009

‘There are two components necessary to any writer’s growth. The first is the writer’s ability to access his/her unconscious, and the second is the writer’s willingness to take risks.’ (Laurie Foos – Now Write)

The theme and approach for the Monthlies in 2009 will be to offer both components in workshops which :

  • take you into your unconscious, ‘the inner heart of your writing self’, and
  • encourage you to take risks in your writing, to try out new things, to take leaps into the unconventional and the unpredictable, to experiment with words and styles.

In addition, I will continue to select aspects of writing to explore and practice, in order to hone the craft of writing – in poetry, fiction, and personal memoir.

The monthlies ‘package’ for 2009 consists of 8 x monthly workshops , and 8 x monthly assignments from the workshops to submit for individual feedback and editing from Maire, and then ‘publishing’ on the Monthlies Blog.

There are four groups to choose from, all taking place in the first week of each month, February to October (excluding July) .

  • Group A: TUESDAYS (3/2, 3/3, 7/4, 5/5, 2/6, -, 4/8, 1/9, 6/10)
  • Group B: WEDNESDAYS (4/2, 4/3, 1/4, 6/5, 3/6, -, 5/8, 2/9, 7/10)
  • Group C: THURSDAYS (5/2, 5/3, 2/4, 7/5, 4/6, -, 6/8, 3/9, 8/10)
  • Group D: SATURDAYS (7/2, 7/3, 28/3,9/5, 6/6, – , 1/8, 5/9, 3/10)

Fee: R1760 for the year (8 workshops)

Bookings, Fees and Payment arrangements:
In order for me to keep the annual fee as low as possible, but still be able to cover costs (which include Maire’s editing and blogging time), I need a minimum of 16 people in each group who commit themselves to the full course – 8 workshops.

I need to have firm bookings by the end of November to know whether I have place for new people. So I would like participants to confirm their place by the end of November with a 25% deposit (R440), and pay the balance for the year by the first workshop in February 2009.

I do have a limited number of reduced fee bursaries available, which I can offer once the minimum number in a group has been reached. If you would like to apply for one of these, please let me know before the end of November when the lists will be finalised. I am also willing to consider alternative payment arrangements with individuals who might find the above difficult. Please contact me about this.

Love, Anne (Email: anne@kingsley.co.za Tel: 021 – 788 1766)

Emily Dickenson: ‘Tell the truth but tell it slant’.

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