A bumper blog to see the year out

It’s always sad to come to the end of another writing year, but in true Monthlies’ fashion we end – not with a whimper but with a bang! There’s so much news that the best way to alert you to everything is draw up a handy list!

  1. In case you’re going into withdrawal at the thought of no workshops until February, Anne has sent through the details of next year’s ‘Writing Awry’ monthly workshops – definitely worth booking your place if you haven’t already done so!
  2. The Monthly Portfolio Days were absolutely brilliant – not only were they bursting with news and achievements but we also wrote some fantastic group line poems and vibey verby pieces about our writing. They’re all posted below, so enjoy a final reading feast for 2008!
  3. You might also want to think about booking a place on the next poetry workshop – the Bhodi Khaya poetry weekend was such a hit that Amber has asked Anne to run one next year. Great pics from Trisha Lord and a poem to give you sense of what it was like to be there! Anne will let us know about what’s on the books for 2009.
  4. Kiki Theo’s book, Money Alchemy has been launched in fine style, so don’t forget to visit the exciting news page to see some great pics and – a first! – a link to a video about Money Alchemy – soon to be followed by a link to a clip of the launch.
  5. And talking of books and being published – Karen Brooks has very exciting news about the publishing company she has started – it’s a fanstas(y)(tic) story!
  6. Never go trekking, is advice offered by Penelope van Maasdyk – scroll down to see why!
  7. With all this talk of books published and being published, and just in case you have a free moment in November, what about signing up for NANO- the National Novel Writing Month?
  8. Some interesting articles from Arja Salafranca about short story publishing – she’s also promised to do a review of Writing the Self – so watch this space!
  9. Also passed on by Karen Brooks, news of another call for short stories – the deadline is December – so piles of time to get one written!
  10. And last, but never least, Gillian Barton is the Writescapes guest writer at the end of October – RSVP quickly to book your place!

Trisha sent through such wonderful photo’s of Bodhi Khaya it seems a great pity not to use as many as possible. And so, instead of a theme for this month’s blog I thought we could all enjoy them – small calm places to rest in a while before heading out into the hurly-burly of city life!

And now, onto the last posts for 2008 – see you all in 2009!


(So many exclamation marks in this post – what can I say – so many things to exclaim about!!!)

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