Jamiaca Kincaid – a resisting spirit

I would be lost without the feeling of antagonism that people have towards me. I write out of defiance.
Jamaica Kincaid at the University of Minnesota, February 5, 2001

I hope never to be at peace! I hope to make my life manageable, and I think it’s fairly manageable now. But — oh, I would never accept peace. That seems death. As I sit here enjoying myself to a degree, I never give up thinking about the way I came into the world, how my ancestors came from Africa to the West Indies as slaves. I just could never forget it. Or forgive it. It’s like a big wave that’s still pulsing.
Jamaica Kincaid, in an interview with the New York Times, 1990

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Jamaica Kincaid Hates Happy Endings

For me, writing isn’t a way of being public or private; it’s just a way of being. The process is always full of pain, but I like that. It’s a reality, and I just accept it as something not to be avoided. This is the life I have. This is the life I write about.

(From an Interview with Marilyn Snell (read the whole interview here))

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