The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition 2008 is now open for entries

This is the perfect opportunity to have your poems read by three of today’s leading poets, stand the chance to win £5000, and see your name added to the impressive list of past winners, including Michael Hulse, Carol Ann Duffy, Jo Shapcott, Ruth Padel, Ian Duhig and the current winner Sinéad Morrissey.

Now in its 31st year, the Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition is one of the leading poetry prizes. It attracts entries from Nantwich to Nairobi and offers to anyone who enters the opportunity to discover their own potential as a writer. Whether you are an established poet or a budding writer, winning often provides that essential spur to take your writing further.

Although called the National Poetry Competition, it is open to anyone internationally.

More information is available on this link

3 comments on “The Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition 2008 is now open for entries

  1. ASOME

    The frosty air still crisping
    amidst the heart of dawn
    The farmers, hunters, sleeping,
    while dew drops wet the lawn
    Warming their beds some dangling breast
    to make complete a blissful rest

    Along the still of midnight
    Brave arms are yet awake
    to greet the bright of moonlight
    their paths so clear doth make
    Shot arrows in the scenery
    game drops, they stand in bravery

    The Land so rich and fertile
    so moist so tilled and turned
    Black bare foots may move a mile
    To watch the turned weed burned
    and seeds from hands for bury fall
    to die and live to rise up tall

    At eve when all is gathered
    round the blazing fireside
    when all the birds and feathered
    have sung at flow of tide
    epic tellings keep land awake
    And for their joys sweet music make

    (December 17,2007)


    Play me pizzicato
    Softly strike in legato
    Walking on the very notes
    Making such vivacious vibrations
    Leach the music in through souls

    That way, no impediments will
    seek to separate our flesh
    That way, your fingers will
    boast of its tender touch which
    smitten, revivify the quintessence
    of a comely nakedness

    Play me pizzicato
    Stressing quickly a tremolo
    Here in this blissful boudoir
    beyond those strings, paramour
    Play me, skin for skin
    And let such Rhapsody poor forth
    As if it rests, evermore,
    Within these wattle-woven walls.

    March 16, 2008

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