6-word memoirs from the Monthlies

Jean Morse

Snuggle, duvet – wet cold – stay – read.

Clouds gather, no sun – rain forever.

Christina Coates

From teenage hormones to hot flashes.

Birth, education, marriage, golden years, death.

My life gone to the dogs.

Margie Orford

Wrote book. Wrote another. Now what?

Linda Price

Dangling from an early ocean breeze

Miriam Biderman

Circumcison; BarMirzvah; smashed glass; eternal cycle

Bridgett Whyte

Love, bathing in potential – my grandchild.

Enough, yet desire squeals more.

Lessons in setting boundaries, without instructions.

Independent child. Angry teen. Enigmatic woman.

Brigitte Murphy

Newborn, I slept in a drawer.

Transplanted to Africa, looking for roots.

Gill Faris

Best therapist award: my spaniel, William-T.

Cynthia Mac pherson

Reading burnt holes into my lampshade

You can’t blame me for that!

The last surfer struggles out withered

Carole Pearce

Fortuitously alive on blunt knife edge

Awed by magnitude of overwhelming randomness

Cristina Martinez-Ruiz

Inviting life. Noelia my new born.

Maire Fisher

Reached mid-story, but not final climax.

Fatal flaw: foolishly foiled by pheromones

Man, boat, two boys, still afloat.

Sukaina Walji

Re(membering) twenties, fat(homing) thirties, anxious-cipating forties

Cornelia Bullen-Smith

Missing: readers, hearing aid, twenty years.

Anticipating fear, she only encountered surprises.

Manicured, pedicured, coiffed…missed train. Laughed!

Found: varicose veins, cellulite, bunion x 2.

Word scaffolding – reaching out – you? Almost!

Swop: Defender (new) / water, soil, seeds.

Sue Bust

Hanging between two worlds, I weep.

Winnie Thomson: What’s the Difference?

“Go to bed!!”

“ Come to bed?”

Erika Coetzee

started askew, rotated, now upside down

someone kept hiding the damn directions

Trisha Lord

Divorce in childhood result happy marriage

Epiphanie Mukasano

Throw the bone. Watch them fight!

Penelope van Maasdyk

Wanderlust brought me home to roost.

Made is RSA. Sold in UK.

‘Varsity dropout conquors sceptics. Finds story.

Karen Brooks

Recovered addict finds God alive and well.

Jo Boyle

Worn out next stop the graveyard

Stopped smoking, discovered chocolate ,got fat.

It’s raining, fear reigns in Zimbabwe.

Leslie Cox

White witches work wonders, Wiccan weekends

Patchwork Quilters capture moments in time.

Saving society from its sordid senselessness.

Savages in Saville Row Suits survive.

Cats and Dog reign, ruining regulations.

Mikki van Zyl

Burning passions, fat like the sun.

At 45, decided to be happy.

Annemarie Hendrikz

Horse lover falls off life. Survives.

Clare Gibbon

Steep learning curve. All downhill now.

Loving living kindness all the way.

Born, bedded, wed. Lived, loved, laughed.

Susan Coltman

Hammer and chisel. Silent stone submits.

Dying brother, give my kidney back!

Life illuminated, lit from fire within.


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