Motherhood and identity – a questionnaire from Karin Schimke

I’m writing a book about motherhood and identity. This is not a parenting how-to; it’s a book that looks at the way in which our sense of self is shaken when we become mothers, and how we integrate our new role into our identities. The book – like the previous book I did with Margie Orford (Fabulously 40 and beyond) – is meant to reflect conversations between women, which is why the voices of mothers are so important to my research. To this end, I have developed a questionnaire meant to probe those deep and strange places children take us where we come to face to face with the best and worst in ourselves as mothers.

This questionnaire can be found in two ways: either I can email it directly to people (they can contact me on or they can download it (it’s a very small file) from my It’s on the home page of the blog (next to a painting done by Christine Coates-Muller, another monthly!).

The deadline for the questionnaires is 20 May.


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