The first-person narrator – ‘I’

Dear Monthlies – here is your reminder and clarification of the assignment from the APRIL workshop:

1. Look at the story written in 3 steps from the ‘I’ narrator (the now grown-up childhood pest), and see where it might need work – adding in or editing out etc.

(I also suggested that you might like to try changing it from the first person (‘I’ narrator) to the third person. Just to see the difference, and to notice how the ‘I’ narrator determines the story told.)

Bring two or three copies of your story for feedback to the MAY workshop.

2. If you took someone’s draft story for feedback, send them feedback by the end of the 3rd week of APRIL.

Remember, don’t make a huge critiquing exercise out of this. You simply need to let the writer know how you experienced their story. Again, I recommend you read the story, and then freewrite for about 10 to 15mins about how you experienced it, what you particularly liked about it and what confused you or seemed unclear. You can end with some general comments. Then edit your freewriting into a final email of about 500 words, and send it.

Happy writing….

xx Anne


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