Update on progress on monthlies anthology

Writing the Self :  new writing from Women’s Writing Workshops

Anne and I are busy with the final selections for the anthology.   I can’t say I like this part of the process very much – there is so much great writing that it’s difficult to leave anything out – however a 500 page anthology is out of the question!   But I can say that it’s shaping up to be a fabulous book!

All is on track so far – the end of March should see the final selections made, and the workshop exercise section completed by Annemarie.    Then it’s preface and introductions to be written and final editing of draft during April, before it goes to Sarah-Anne for layout and design in May.   In the meantime Romaine is busy with art work for the cover.    We should be easily on track for the launch on the weekend of 9 August!

… and so we progress, and I start praying for an extra 10, no make that 20 pages.


ps  once we’ve made the final selection, we will be sending out individual emails to all the authors to let you know which piece(s) we’d like to include.


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