Spotlight on Alice Munro

This bit of the blog is for the people who like to browse a bit! I thought it would be interesting to read a few interviews with one of the leading short story writers of our time. I can’t reproduce the interviews  in full, but do hope you enjoy following the links below!


Q: What draws you to short stories as opposed to novels? What do you find that the shorter form enables you to do that a novel perhaps would not?

A: I seem to turn out stories that violate the discipline of the short story form and don’t obey the rules of progression for novels. I don’t think about a particular form, I think more about fiction, let’s say a chunk of fiction. What do I want to do? I want to tell a story  —-> read more here 

 When there are references to church in your stories, I’m more aware of an emphasis on class than on religion.

That’s quite true. And what church you belong to has something to do with your class. There’s much more of what I would call genuine, and maybe troubling, religious feeling in the States, than here.

You must remember that I am generally writing of a time that is a few decades behind us. Sometimes I write contemporary stories, but not often. So if I am describing —-> read more here

Imagine this: you pick up a collection of short stories by an unknown author. Maybe it’s the title – Dance of the Happy Shades – that attracts you or the intriguing first sentence: ‘Miss Marsalles is having another party.’ Either way, you decide to buy it and take it to the slight, smiling woman at the till. You’re about to discover the exquisitely disturbing, gem-like stories of Alice Munro. What you don’t realise is that the author herself has just sold you the book.

—-> Read more here

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