Jean Morse


Angels are very real.

My first experience with an angel was when my husband was seriously ill in hospital after two major operations. He had been in hospital for some time and the doctors were at their wits end to find the right method to heal him. I had a friend who practised healing but was not convinced that this would help. Waiting for my car to be repaired at a service station I was paging through a magazine when I came upon an article about the amazing results of healing in the Philippines. The message came through to me and I contacted my angel friend who would from then visit my husband at different times. She had the ability to cheer him up and also sent healers from her circle who were able to immediately dispel any build-up of infection and put my husband on the path to good health which he achieved after five months in hospital. Even the skeptics agreed that the laying on of hands was a major contributor to his recovery.

When my son was injured in a motor accident and became a quadriplegic, many angels crossed my path. There were the angels who looked after him in hospital for eight months. There were the angels who contributed to our journey to Israel for rehabilitation. Then when we had been in Israel for a while and our money was running out and I had to hire a car to get to and from the hospital, an angel telephoned me to invite us to stay in her home. She became a friend and to this day we remember her kindness and the role she played in our lives.

During our stay in Israel we had many encounters with angels.

One day whilst driving through the streets of Jerusalem we were uncertain of the direction to take to reach our destination. Waiting undecided at a crossing, a car hooted from behind – it was the person we were going to visit. He drove up behind us, recognized the wheelchair on the roof of the car and said- “Follow me”. Angels perform miracles.

Angels appear whenever the need is expressed.

Driving through the streets of Israel there were angels looking after me as the street names are in Hebrew and traffic keeps to the right hand side of the road. Being accustomed to driving on the left hand side of the road this proved to be quite a hazardous undertaking.

My son proceeded to Munich with his carer while I returned home. He had not been there long when he had kidney failure and ended up in hospital. I received a telephone call to say that he was in a coma . As it would take about two days to get to him I was most concerned about his condition. A friend contacted an angel in Munich who did not know my son but went to visit him with a bunch of roses. A visit from this angel was the moment when he turned the corner to a full recovery.

Doctors and nurses are angels, friends are angels, little children are angels.

Believe in angels and they will appear.

Open your eyes after an operation and there is an angel beside your bed.

Look into the face of a dear friend – there is an angel.

Take the soft hand of a little child and walk through a field of flowers – there is an angel.

Talk to angels – they listen.


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