Mish Damstra

Joy’s Journey

Somersault over winking stars, wrap this universe
round your waist. Leave rings of wispy mist on moon,
planets, in space. Frail as smoke, strong as clouds, full
blessed virgin joy.

Weave through a cosmic maze, the clustered grapes of
galaxies. Wear a gown of black holes, spin stars, give
meteorites a squeeze. Come cup Milky Way, stroke Sun,
hold Sky in your hand.

Full, blessed virgin joy, pushing dark to day.
Stroke the scorching ball Sun, cup the Milky Way.
Dirt dances on the wind for hands light with love,
forming spiral dreams.

Float down to earth, round, robust and keen. Float down
to earth, full and blessed, bless the virgin joy.
Round, robust, keen, slip into my bed this night.
Slip into my dream.


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