Miriam Biderman

Her voice smells like…

Her voice smells like roasting almonds.

As she cracks open their rough tough shells, small bits fall to the floor and bounce around her.

At first her voice is intoxicatingly exciting, but the little hoarse and harsh sounds she emits when she is angry roughen its silky quality.

The smell becomes bitter as the nuts begin to roast.

When she whispers, the perfume of oil oozes out of the nuts. It pervades the house as they rub shoulders with each other in the pan.

She watches the nuts jumping around in the pan and gives a little giggle of amusement.

The aroma of toasted nuts fills the air and the sheer joy of it tickles the nostrils.

She heaves a sigh of relief; and flops into her favourite armchair.


Her job is done.

She bursts into song, and as she sings the smell of roasting almonds returns.


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