Lesley Cox

The music sounded like gossamer, floating through the ethers, to reach far and wide, creating smiles, whistles and songs in the hearts of its listeners, bringing memories of times far away or  only yesterday when one was young and frivolous, not weighted down with wearisome worries, creating the urge to fly, run, jump and leap with joy, happiness and the sheer pleasure of living, much like a puppy chasing butterflies or kittens messing up a skein of wool, with the pleasure of mischief and breaking rules, the law and all those other no noes that life tries to tie one down with, the straight-jacketed strictures that force one to break free, to scream and shout and punch a hole through the walls of cardboard and glass that restrict, and confine, running away from life’s heaviness and running towards one’s freedom, light, laughter and fun.

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