Jean Badenhorst




take me
or leave me here
on this pavement
steaming after rain
leave me
this chaste greeting
your parting gift
leave me
leave me


leave me
or take me
into one safe place
your dark sleep
take me
into your unspoken words
your secret sanctuary
take me
take me


take me
or leave me here
where I fit, folded
with my corners tucked in
leave me
a book with other books
on a shelf
leave me
leave me




for you
I leave my father’s house
turn the key for the last time
and walk


for you
I forsake small rituals
sacraments of a warm kitchen
on dark mornings


for you
I fold away soft linen
wrap my silver spoons
for the long journey


for you
I nurture new dreams
in the narrow spaces
between your clothes


for you
I hide leaves and feathers
among the pages
of your books


for you
I find my way
around these strange rooms
towards you


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