Epiphanie Mukasano

Keep going

Get set for adventure, my child
Nature is calling, heed her pleading voice
Catch a glimpse of the deep blue sky
Pluck a marguerite on the way
Ride on the dazzling clouds
Keep going

Run, stretch or roll, my dear child
Don’t fall in love with your shadow
Explore those spaces – bright yellow
Take your torch to the darkest realms
Like a rolling stone
Keep going

Fill your lungs with the morning breeze
Stretch your legs on the shining beach
Embrace the heart of your dreams
Dance kwasa kwasa, but remember
A  river never stops running
Keep going

Go far my shooting star
Reach the heights beyond my sight
Borrow the eagle’s wings
Fly like a white feather
Keep going

Run, stroll, or roll, my dear child
Ride, fly, or crawl, my cherub mild


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