Mish Damstra

Soulfull Fry-up

Sliced, cut, consumed
sliver by sliver. I watch you eat
my healthy liver
I watch you eat it
sliver by sliver
My sweet, when-did-it-go-missing?

You fried it
with onions. And plenty of oil
Can one not braai it? boil it?
or even bake?
You slice, you cut
you consume sliver by sliver
My sweet, fried-in-oil, spongy liver

I did not know it had gone
I should have noticed
Righted the wrong
Now you chew it, chew it
my sweet little liver. You chew it
Sliver by sliver

I saw steam rising, rising
in the air
Liver smells everywhere
I gag, I choke, I wrinkle my nose
as down
your throat it goes

The onions have a bit
of crunch, but the liver is nothing,
nothing to munch. Soft
so soft,
So spongy and smooth
With each and every swallow
I see your throat move

I did not know it had gone
Too late now
To right the wrong
How could I not miss
something so sweet?
How can my organ be such
such desirable meat?

I wrinkle my nose, I gag, I choke
How revolting, frightening
this anything goes
Sliver by sliver
I watch you eat it, my sweet

your throat it goes
Sliced, cut, consumed, my sweet
sliver by sliver
spongy, when-did-it-go-missing?


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