Sue Bust

Runaway brother
(Or Chill Mamas, chill)

Dorian to the right of the groom,
lipstick perfect, dabs her chin.
Her husband whispers “Now’s the time.”
She stands and gives her bell a ring.

Sarah enters the wedding tent,
awkward in pink frilly bridesmaid‘s gown,
crosses the floor to her standing mom:
“Steven has taken the car on his own.”

All eyes are on the bridal table.
Dorian: “Speech later. Go on. Enjoy.”
Dorian, groom, father and Sarah
leave to find the run-away boy.

“How could he on Dan’s wedding day,
drive unlicensed to who knows where?
Father, Dan take the wedding car, find him.
I’ll phone him, sort out this daft nightmare.”

Dorian: “Damn him. He doesn’t answer!”
Sarah: “Mom, don’t be angry and ruin the day.”
Dorian: “Don’t patronize me. Steven’s to blame.
I’m a model mom, giving my son away.

Up comes Meegan, the bride’s nosy mother:
“I know something’s wrong. What’s going on?”
Dorian: “Nothing. Nothing. Just finding Steven.”
Meegan: “Oh dear. Oh dear. Where has he gone?”

Steven drives up, parks and gets out.
Dorian: “You are in trouble, my son.”
Meegan: “Dear, dear. How very naughty.”
Steven: “Chill Mamas, chill. Just having some fun.”


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