Renate Scoble

Not so well balanced people
A Rolls Royce is a great expense,
but Melissa had the lolly;
she hoped it would give her dignity
and cover up her folly.
The traffic stopped, the chauffeur bowed,
the bank doors opened wide;
and all around servility
she noted with great pride.
Bella stood most patiently
at counter number eight,
she had too much humility
to complain about the wait.
Unfinished was her business
when she went away from there.
Much hesitation – then she thought
she’d brave the manager in his lair.
On her way to the chief’s bureau
there occurred a sorry matter:
a flimsy scaffolding collapsed
plus painter, with a clatter.
Bella slipped in the pool of paint,
between pail and brush sat she,
cradling the poor man in her lap.
Melissa? Showed no sympathy.
As Bella wailed and Melissa pouted
came Kate, who quickly took action.
“This man needs help” she shouted.
“Indeed, he probably needs traction.”
They sent for a doctor who lived not far
he and an ambulance arrived in a minute.
Melissa swept out to her fancy car,
“Home James”  she cried, getting in it. 


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