Jean Morse

Just for the Ride

Her husband – middle-aged and largely bored
is ready for a fling
He sits at home all day
and doesn’t say a thing

Knitting away – plain and purl
she is prim and proper
‘Women talk to me’ he says
She has naught to offer

She irons his shirts
she cooks his food
Whatever she does
he’s in a mood

He leaves the house
slams the door
‘Good riddance’ says she
to his 4 x 4

In town this fancy, buxom blonde
causes quite a stir
It’s plain to see she fancies him
and that he fancies her

So comes the day
the two decide
to give it a go
just for the ride

Off they go together
their love both hot and steamy
to laze the days away
in a setting cool and dreamy

Now their time has ended
what will the future bring?
They keep their love a secret
They know the truth will sting

His wife at home keeps knitting
knows he’s having an affair
wonders should she confront him
No, she would not dare

She hears his 4 x 4
keeps a stony face
He tries to sneak upstairs
Will he last the pace?

He eagerly anticipates
the times they spend together
His lover greets him warmly
he is under the weather

He clutches at his heart
She thinks he’s not the same
He topples at her feet
Oh! My goodness – what a shame

Later when he’s found
his wife is not affronted
She still has her knitting
and knows she was not wanted.


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