Epiphanie Mukasano


A bright and sunny morning –
the day of Nadia’s interview
She had waited oh so very long
for her life to start anew

Clad like a crow, she awaited the lift
Long earrings playing church bells
Clicking sharp tall-heeled shoes
spreading the sweetest of smells

Into the small and crowded space
a plump lady beckoned her
The doors swished shut, and then the lift
ascended with a whirr.

In seconds Nadia’s dream began
of fancy clothes, shiny shoes
a chauffeur and a glittering car,
such as  a crowned woman might use

Lo! the lift was standing still
This left them panic-stricken
A sturdy youth stamped and kicked
Plump Lady squawked – just like a chicken

Sweaty, stuffy, close and dark
Nadia felt quite sick
Plump Lady cackled into her cell
begged for help, ‘Come quick!’

For hours they waited
(it felt like weeks)
The youth lashed out,
a young lass shrieked

Nadia’s hope faltered,
her spirits failed
And then, Alleluia!
the sirens wailed


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