Jean Morse

The Birth

She trusts you implicitly. She looks at you knowing that you will understand as one female to another what she is about to experience.

She becomes agitated seeking a safe place, scratching to make a nest. At last she is satisfied and lies down in her whelping box . Her sides begin to heave.  She pants and her eyes glaze over with pain. She groans and a small black  ball is pushed out from the birth canal. It is covered in a film which the mother licks away, exposing a black satin coat and eyes tightly shut to the world.

Her first puppy. She is so proud and looks for recognition but is too preoccupied with the birthing of the next puppy to wag her tail.

The miracle of life stirs deep feelings within you. You cradle this soft, warm bundle, so fragile, so fragrant, in the palm of your hand.


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