Gail Bohle


Thick black curls and a button nose, that’s what I noticed as I scanned the hundreds of students in my HDE group.  Wow! My heart tumbled into my stomach as he turned to look back…(at me?) and I saw deep brown eyes, behind dark-rimmed glasses.  I was smitten! I slid into a seat and tried to focus on the lecturer.  My half-hearted note taking trickled to an end as the meridian break came. When the students stood en masse and made their way up the stairs to the two back doors, I tried to spot him in the crowd. 

I ambled along to the shuttle bus-stop hoping to bump into him somehow.  The Mowbray stop came up and I swung my rugsack onto my shoulder (and started the walk home to my digs).  I kicked some stones along the way, wondering who he was and what his name was. Just as I was about to turn up into my street I heard someone’s step quicken behind me. I knew before I turned that it was him.  As he caught up with me a shiver moved from the top of my spine down into my tummy. 

“Do you have a kettle?”

I nodded , then giggled. What an opening line! He fell into step beside me and we walked up the steep hill together.  Being so close to him unnerved and excited me and I couldn’t think of a single thing to say.  When we reached my flat, I fumbled with the key and eventually managed to turn it and push the door open with my knee.  He held it open and quietly, confidently, stepped over the threshold. 

While the tea brewed, he pulled himself up onto the kitchen counter and swung his legs. I was so aware of him that all I could do was busy myself with setting out cups and pouring tea. 

As I brushed past him to reach for the sugar, he grabbed the pocket of my jeans and tore off the BOSS logo.

“I’ve been dying to do that all day!” he said, as he placed his big hands on either side of my waist.  


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