Renate Scoble

Find joy in expression, see widely,
make decisions to fulfil my desires
Shafts of light leading the way from the depth
Waves,crashing, convey power and energy 

Jean Morse

Fresh air, gently moving,
as fanned by a delicate hand,
caressing sleep-warm skin.
Brain still in Morpheus’ embrace.
Eyes tightly shut,
opening to the marvel of first light
defining the Wild Fig against the sky.
Inhaling the new day
I celebrate my gratitude,
find joy in expression, see widely.
Footsteps of the last child leaving
echo in my ear and heart.
Empty as the house itself,
what am I to do?
A buried wish arises,
of making me the centre of my world;
not wanting to be either leader
or digit in a team.
Walking to my own drum to new horizons
I shall make decisions to fulfil my desires.
Explore the depth of my being
without fear and pretences.
Avoiding the middle-distance
my eyes and senses travel
far and wide, to the unknown.
I slough off indifference
as the snake its skin.
The future hides the rising sun
bringing a different warmth and growth.
Shafts of light leading the way fronm the depth.
No relief in being introspective;
vibrancy, all daring squashed,
I want to crawl back into my shell.
A stoney path near the shore,
solitude and time to think afresh.
Waves towering, embracing,
resting in tidal pools,
invigorate, encourage fight.
Nature imparts her strength.
Waves, crashing, convey power and energy.


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