Janet Jadrijevich

A leaf falling on the surface settles 
Below is the turmoil
A place never suspected
yet undiscovered
Barbara Chase


The pool is darkly serene
its skin lightly dusted with
pollen, rippling gently in
the wake of small insects.
Rain has been long in coming,
extending the end of summer.
The scent of flowers, opened
to the fading rays of the sun
weights the sultry afternoon air.
A leaf falling on the surface settles

onto the still water.
In the distance, voices
ruffle the thickened air with
a quiet, indistinct murmur.
In hours before, sounds of
discord had rent the silence;
loud sobbing, angry words,
heavy footfalls, slamming doors.
An uneasy calm cloaks the surface,
below is the turmoil

which churns inside her. A cliché,
the abandoned wife – rejected,
dissolving into nothing, invisible,
voiceless, breathless, worthless.
Then, she sees a butterfly
breach its fragile shell, expand
its crumpled wings in the warmth
of the sunset, and swoop over the
water. It is a revelation from
a place never suspected.

Who is this newly born woman
who feels relief and not rage,
a renaissance, not resignation?
No more the perfect companion,
she is free to be transformed.
She can be who she wants to be.
Granted absolute liberty; never to
wear the rigid cast of convention,
but to seek the elements of a self
yet undiscovered.



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