Lesley Cox

Expose all the hurts that are covered
What will I do if I dislike what I find
It has the strength and gentleness
Forever forgiving

Miriam Bideman

Unconditional love and total forgiveness, how so?
On our arduous Earth school journey
we are mere atoms, vibrating at different velocities
no matter what colour skin,
whatever profession or creed,
our various levels of evolutionary progress smothered.
This idea of unconditional love and forever forgiveness
is it humanly possible, in our materialistic metier?
However pedigreed, fathered or mothered,
to expose all the hurts that are covered.

The strength and gentleness
of the power of a woman, is questioned
on breaking the surface of my skin.
I avoid self-examination like the plague
not wanting, no way, to go there,
denial being the set of my mind.
Bravely making the decision to face my inner mapping,
digging beneath the varnish of personal façade
Finding the truth of sight in hind,
What will I do if I dislike what I find?

Avoiding therapy of any kind,
too stressful to even contemplate,
coming face to face with the authentic me.
Adopting beliefs and traditions, influenced by perceptions,
building up this crust of persona.
Surrounded by a bubble of pretense, creating happiness
I am safe, protected and away from harm.
Seeking the truth, of love, unconditional
to create a sense of peace and contentedness.
It has the strength and gentleness.

Discarding layers of the surface wrapping,
hand-me-downs from authority and ancestry,
burying the real me in a plethora of deceptions
beneath padding created by anxieties and emotions,
in the effort of keeping up appearances and perceptions
in cast-offs from society’s rigid conditioning.
Gradually exposing my authentic self
which is, I think, totally honest, kind and benign,
delighted with and enthusiastic for living.
Forever forgiving.


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