Jean Morse

Egotism, life’s foraging soldier
Huge waves crashing against bleak rocks
Water swishes, pushes, recedes, collects in quiet pools
Nourishing comfort both for oneself and others.
Renate Scoble 

Feel rain

Sea – stormy and turbulent                                               
concealing forgotten wrecks
waves crashing against rocks
the sound of energy and power.
What am I looking for –
not fame and fortune
escape egotism – life’s foraging soldier
free myself, smell roses, feel rain
think not of endings but beginnings
see widely subdue the pain
keep searching – it’s buried there
touch skin kiss lips stroke hair
shed tears make laughter
like waves crashing against rocks
go with the flow
walk along a windswept beach
eyes slit against sandblasting wind
vision narrowed objects obscured
is my goal almost in reach
see  bright pebbles on the beach
the tide rushes in, recedes and collects in quiet pools
break away  from constraints
like the woman reclining
large and rudely nude
her sexuality exposed
with orange nipples  bare
her abandonment I’d like to share
giving nourishing comfort to those who dare


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