Epiphanie Mukasano

Her granny was a lonely person. Her two older sisters used to take turns to spend the night with her. But then they grew too old for the job, and she had to take over. She never shared proper supper with her siblings. Every night she walked to her granny’s house. It had never come to her mind that a human being could harm her. She was rather scared of wild animals. Of all, she dreaded the leopard most. She had heard a lot of stories about it. She often fancied herself being torn apart by such an animal. She had heard that you could smell its breath when it was near. So many times she fancied strange smells and her heart beat like a wet drum, and she felt her hair standing upright on her head. But she liked being with her granny and so when dusk came, she would grab something: a big sweet potato, a few bananas, anything ready to eat and start climbing up and down the hills. A few years later, when her granny died, she was heartbroken.

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