Choosing beauties … Clare Gibbon

How to choose these 111 pieces of writing from over 300 which were originally posted on the Monthlies website? What a task it was. There was so much that was exciting, moving, vibrant or amusing. Often I found myself caught by surprise, laughing, crying or saying ‘wow’ to myself as I sat in front of the computer screen.

Trisha Lord encouraged me to pursue my thoughts:

 ‘I hope for it, for elegance that elicits

the inward gasp, the outward sigh. Then

I know I have struck gold, found the vein’

Over and over again I did just that: finding far too much. Reluctantly, I refined the gold further, turning the pieces over and over, looking for the brightest, smoothest, heaviest, most beautiful . . .  until finally I had my best nuggets. So here they are: ‘111 Blog Beauties’ mined with love, sweat and tears from the rich seam that is the Monthlies Blog.

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