Vanessa Herman – Beautiful ordinary

 Beautiful ordinary clock
that holds my face,
whose numbers are lines on my face.
whose incessant tick tock is the hormonal
metronome of my biology.

My womb filled with you o’clock.
No embroidery, no frills, bells or whistles
just your stern conservative,
roman numeralled face.

Beautiful ordinary clock
I live in your shadow which is shaped
like a question mark.

My womb filled with you o’clock.
I am quarter to middle aged
and half past fruitfulness.

Beautiful ordinary clock.

3 comments on “Vanessa Herman – Beautiful ordinary

  1. Dear Vanessa Herman:

    This is a little strange because I am also Vanessa Herman from L.A, CA. and I also do a lot of writing and poetry that deal with the subject of the identity and the self- and I was googling my name to see if my name showed up and I found this blog. Well- I guess I’ll have to alter my name so that there’s no confusion- lol!

  2. Hi I am also Venessa Herman from Cape Town South Africa. I too like poetry and inspirational messages and self help books, it must be a Vanessa/Venessa Herman thing. To the Vanessa Herman from LA, just letting you know if you alter your name, becareful you might find me. Lol. 🙂

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